Aligning Technology with Your Business Is Critical To Operational Success

We understand that technology is critical to your operations. More importantly, we understand that your business requirements should drive your technology decisions. We also understand how those decisions impact your business.

This is where our relationship begins. It is impossible to effectively advise our clients on technology decisions if we do not understand the business culture, core values, departments, executives, employees, clients, vendors, products, services, policies and procedures. Our business consultants learn about the business and advise the client on the technologies that can best support the business objectives. This approach maximizes your technology Investment.
We work with your business and IT professionals, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly based on your business requirements to ensure we stay connected.

Risk Analysis – Our team of technology and business professionals help our clients pinpoint risks associated with technology options. As part of our analysis, we look at factors to determine that the technology options under consideration are fully aligned with the technology with strategic and operational objectives.

Technology Research & Selection – As experts in our field, we understand that there may be multiple technologies that can be implemented for a particular project Often, they have varying price points and technical benefits. Our clients rely on us to guide them to select the best option for their business problem.

Technology Cost Analysis – Technology often costs more to own and operate than it does for the initial investment. Our experts will determine the true value of a technology investment. We will outline the return on investment and the total cost of ownership.

Planning & Budgeting – Technology changes quickly, and you must know what direction you are headed. We help our clients stay ahead of the technology curve by planning for change. Our formal planning and budgeting process provides our clients with a technology roadmap – giving them peace of mind in ensuring their technology investment.

Vendor Management – It can be a full time job managing technology-related vendors such as internet service providers, copy and print vendors, line of business application vendors and other service providers. Our team can manage all aspects of vendor selection/management: request for information process, RFP (request for proposal) creation, price negotiation, vendor selection, contract management, implementation management and more.